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APEX telescope

Proposals are invited for observations with the APEX telescope in the observing period April–July 2022 (APEX). Deadline: Friday 22 October 2022 (23:59:59 UTC).

APEX is a 12 m diameter submillimetre telescope at 5100 m altitude on Llano Chajnantor in Chile. The receivers offered in this Call are the heterodyne receivers SEPIA (SEPIA180: 159-211 GHz; SEPIA345: 272-376 GHz; SEPIA660: 578-738 GHz) and nFLASH (nFLASH230: 200-270 GHz; nFLASH460: 385-500 GHz), and the bolometer arrays ArTeMiS (350 and 450 μm) and CONCERTO (with a Martin-Puplett interferometer for a spectral resolution of >1.5 GHz in the 130-310 GHz range).

Observations on Swedish time on APEX are supported by the ORP Transnational Access programme.

Find more information about the call for proposals here.

Image Information

APEX Telescope. Credit: F. Montenegro-Montes ESO/APEX.