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The Opticon RadioNet Pilot provides access to the world’s most comprehensive and powerful suite of multi-wavelength astronomical facilities. As the first European joint platform to showcase the TransNational (TA) and Virtual Access (VA) telescope facilities within the global astronomical community, the ORP provides access to a series of 12 TA and 2 VA. It aims to extend the traditional user groups of individual facilities through the advertisement of opportunities to all Pilot associated communities. The TA/VA opportunities include sharing cross-community expertise, developments and user-support models for optical and radio/mm-wave interferometry communities (emerging VLTI expertise centres and experienced ALMA/radio interferometry support centres), new opportunities for multi-facility/multi-wavelength science programmes and multiple supporting joint activities designed to harmonise facility-researcher interactions or enhance facility capabilities.


The Opticon RadioNet Pilot project infrastructures

Transnational Access

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Virtual Access

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