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  • European ALMA school

    4-8 September 2023

    The European ALMA Regional Centre network is organising an ALMA School for ALMA users, hosted by the UK Node on 4th - 8th September 2023 in Manchester. The school is designed to provide training on a broad range of aspects related to ALMA, including interferometry, data calibration and imaging, the ALMA archive, analysis techniques, ALMA science and future ALMA developments.

  • The annual meeting of the European Astronomical Society will take place in Krakow, Poland,

  • 12-17 June 2023

    The 11th VLTI Interferometry School will be held on 12-17 June 2023 in Budapest.


    Registration is possible until March 15. The maximum number of participants has been set at 50 persons.

  • 5-9 June 2023

    In the late spring of 2023, from 5-9 June, JIVE will be hosting the third edition of the CASA VLBI workshop. The aim of this workshop is to train participants on data processing and imaging of VLBI observations with the CASA package. Though the focus will be on continuum astronomical experiments, other applications of VLBI will be discussed. Participants are expected to have a basic understanding of radio interferometry, but do not need to be experts. Introductory lectures on VLBI and CASA will be part of the programme.

  • ESO Gravity

    17-26 May 2023

    In this school - organised in Milano (italy) -  the students will do a 'Phase A' study of an instrument. They will plan an instrument in small groups led by an experienced tutor. During the first week the mornings are dedicated to lectures and the afternoons to group work. During the second week the students will concentrate on group work. At the end of the school all groups will present their instrument plans.