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  • European ALMA school

    10 - 14 June 2024

    The European ALMA Regional Centre network is organising an ALMA School for ALMA users, hosted by the UK Node on 10th - 14th June 2024 in Manchester. The school is designed to provide training on a broad range of aspects related to ALMA, including interferometry, data calibration and imaging, the ALMA archive, analysis techniques, ALMA science and future ALMA developments.

    This pre-announcement is designed to inform the ALMA user community of the upcoming school. More detailed information will be provided in a later announcement.

  • poster e-merlin


    After the success of last year’s Data School , e-MERLIN will be holding its second e-MERLIN Data

    The school will be held at the University of Manchester, UK, from 13-15 May 2024. The purpose of this school is to show participants how to reduce e-MERLIN data using the e-MERLIN CASA Pipeline. 

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    The aim of the School is to introduce the LOFAR system to new members of the LOFAR community who will analyse both interferometric and high time resolution beamformed LOFAR data.

    Participants have the choice of following demos on beamformed or interferometric data reduction. Online material is also provided for offline hands-on data processing sessions. Interaction and networking between participants and lecturers is promoted via Q&A sessions as well as team building activities. Remote participation is not offered.

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    ORP is launching “ORP Science Talks” that will take place once a month on Zoom, providing the community (ORP and hopefully beyond) with the opportunity to present their work and scientific results.


  • ORP

    The ORP Consortium Meeting aims at reviewing the project activities and structuring future goals. We will benefit from the presence of different partners, of the WP leaders and members, Board/Exec members, owners of the infrastructures, funding agencies, members of the management and guests.

    The ORP Consortium Meeting will allow everyone to become aware of the project developments, to provide input for possible solutions, and to shape the future steps.