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    21-25 November 2022

    The 11th IRAM millimeter interferometry school will be held on 21-25 November 2022 at the IRAM headquarters (Grenoble, France). It is intended for students, post-docs and scientists who want to acquire a good knowledge of interferometry and data reduction techniques at millimeter wavelengths, with a special emphasis on the NOEMA interferometer and its new capabilities.

  • ICRI 2022

    19-21 October 2022

    A major worldwide event providing an opportunity for strategic discussions about international cooperation in research infrastructure. A variety of experts and stakeholders discuss challenges and emerging trends, highlighting the essential role of research infrastructures.

  • ORP

    14 October 2022

    ORP Mid-term Review

  • multimessenger

    10-12 October 2022

    This workshop addressing Multi-Messenger Astrophysics, organized at the European Gravitational Observatory,   from the 10th to the 12th of October  is a continuation of the workshop in Paris  Multi-Messenger Astrophysics Low Latency workshop.

  • ALMA

    5-7 October 2022

    The school will present an overview of the ALMA Science Archive, of the most advanced tools to exploit the archive content for science, and a discussion of possible tricks to address mining issues.

    The event is targeted to astronomers with an interest in ALMA archival research and a basic understanding of interferometry.

    For this reason lectures and tutorials will be combined with discussion and support sessions to address participants’ requests, offered by members of the European ARC network.