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Over three days, the hybrid event which had 5 in-person participants and 4 online, learned about e-MERLIN data analysis using the e-MERLIN CASA Pipeline. The informal format of the data school resulted in a relaxed atmosphere where the participants were taught the key aspects of the e-MERLIN pipeline and how to best use it to make the most of their own data. There was a productive discussion on proposals for the upcoming e-MERLIN proposal deadline and many participants brought their own data, discussing them with expert help from the e-MERLIN support team.

After the success of the hybrid format for the data school, future schools will likely be split into two parts with an online 2-day course running more regularly to teach the fundamentals of the pipeline, and a secondary part that will be in-person to delve deeper into participants' own data sets. We will also include advanced topics that are being developed for the e-MERLIN pipeline, such as polarisation and widefield imaging.

All materials are available from the logistics part on the event page: